新疆班超集团 Xinjiang Banchao Group
To build a magnesium based industrial group facing the world
To empower cities with green environmental protection, so that environmental protection affects the future.
产能规模 Capacity scale
包含年产 5 万吨金属镁项目 、15 万吨高端镁合金项目 、120 万吨洁净碳项目 、100 万吨焦炭项目 、750 兆瓦风电项目 、250 兆瓦光电项目等 It includes an annual output of 50,000 tons of magnesium metal project, 150,000 tons of high-end magnesium alloy project, 1.2 million tons of clean carbon project, 1 million tons of coke project, 750 megawatts of wind power project, 250 megawatts of photoelectric project, etc.
产品类目 Product category
镁锭 、镁合金 、洁净炭 、煤焦油 、焦炭 、煤炭 、氢能 、LNG 、CNG.0提供强大而可靠的扩展能力 Magnesium ingot, magnesium alloy, clean carbon, coal tar, coke, coal, hydrogen energy, LNG, CNG.0 provide powerful and reliable expansion capabilities
产品用途 Product Usage
镁锭主要用于生产镁合金 、及金属铝冶炼等镁合金主要用于航空航天 、汽车产品制造 、3C 电子产品等 Magnesium ingot is mainly used in the production of magnesium alloy, and metal aluminum smelting, etc. Magnesium alloy is mainly used in aerospace, automobile product manufacturing, 3C electronic products and so on.
企业简介 Company profile
班超集团是以金属镁冶炼为基础, 以镁基产业多元化发展为方向的现代型实业集团, 集团始创于 2016 年,注册资金 1 亿元,地址位于新疆哈密市二道湖工业园区,现有员工千 余人 。班超集团坚持改革创新,打造开放包容的业务生态, 明确了打造绿色低碳循环利用的 镁基产业集群的战略定位,促进产业向“集群化 、精细化 、高端化 ”发展,构建镁基产业协同的高质量发展体系 。 Banchao Group is a modern industrial group with magnesium smelting as the basis, magnesium as the base industry and diversified development as the direction. Founded in 2016 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, the group is located in Erdaohu Industrial Park, Hami City, Xinjiang Province, and has more than 1,000 employees. Banchao Group adheres to reform and innovation, builds an open and inclusive business ecology, defines the strategic positioning of building a green, low-carbon and recycling magnesium-based industrial cluster, promotes the development of the industry to "cluster, fine and high-end", and builds a high-quality development system of synergistic magnesium-based industries.
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集团优势 Group advantage
从多维度不断开拓行业边界 Constantly open up the boundaries of the industry from multiple dimensions
地理资源优势 Geographical resource advantage
班超集团在新疆哈密拥有得天独厚的能源区域优势和地理优势 。新疆是 “一带一路 ”核心经济区,地处欧亚大陆腹地,与 8 个国家陆路接壤,是中国大陆进入中亚 地区最为便捷的通道,企业所在地哈密是新疆的东大门,地理位置优越,是连接内地的门户, 是我国向西开放的主要陆路通道,货物运输便利,且哈密的矿产资源和储量非常丰富,居于新疆之首,尤其适合能源化工产业的发展 。 Banchao Group has unique regional and geographical advantages in Hami, Xinjiang. Xinjiang is the core economic zone of the "Belt and Road", located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, bordering eight countries by land, and is the most convenient channel for China to enter Central Asia. Where the company is located -- Hami is the eastern gate of Xinjiang, with a superior geographical position, the gateway connecting the mainland, and the main land channel open to the west of China, with convenient cargo transportation. Moreover, Hami is rich in mineral resources and reserves, ranking first in Xinjiang, which is especially suitable for the development of energy and chemical industry.
产业集群优势 Industrial cluster advantage
“十四五”期间,班超集团通过政府审批立项,开始了为期 5 年共投资112亿元的十三师新星市第一个镁基产业高质量发展循环利用产业园建设,项目建设完成后,预计可实现年产值300亿元、年税收40亿元。镁基产业园的主要原料来源和产品附属品消纳可在二道湖工业园区及周边完成,形成真正的绿色循环利用。整个项目建设分三期,目前已经进入二期的中段建设。集团以此项目为依托,正大力发展上下游产业链相关投资合作,形成以加工兰炭的尾气为燃料炼镁电、光电绿色清洁能源”的完整镁产业链。 During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Banchao Group passed the government's approval of the project, and began the construction of the first magnesium based industry high-quality development recycling industrial park in thirteen Division Xinxing City with a total investment of 11.2 billion yuan for 5 years. After the completion of the project, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 30 billion yuan and annual tax revenue of 4 billion yuan. The main raw material sources and product accessories consumption of magnesium based industrial park can be completed in and around Erdaohu Industrial Park, forming a real green recycling. The whole project is divided into three phases, and has entered the middle phase of the second phase. Relying on this project, the Group is vigorously developing investment cooperation related to the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and forming a complete magnesium industrial chain with the exhaust gas of processing carbon as fuel for smelting magnesia electricity and photoelectric green clean energy.
营商环境优势 Business environment advantage
近年来,国家领导人多次到访新疆,要求发挥新疆独特的区位优势,从实际出发抓好对外开放工作,加快“一带一路”核心区建设,使新疆成为我国向西开放的桥头堡,凸显出新疆的重要国家战略地位。新疆地区投资环境不断优化,基础设施日益完善,政策扶持力度不断加大,政府出台了一系列招商引资、税收补贴优惠政策,班超集团充分利用这一机遇,积极与当地政府和企业进行合作,发挥班超集团的优势资源与丰富经验,积极拓展了集团在哈密地区的业务领域和投资机会。 212/5000 In recent years, state leaders have visited Xinjiang many times, asking them to give full play to Xinjiang's unique geographical advantages, do a good job in opening up from the actual situation, speed up the construction of the core area of the "Belt and Road", and make Xinjiang a bridgehead for China's westward opening up, highlighting Xinjiang's important national strategic position. The investment environment in Xinjiang region is continuously optimized, infrastructure is increasingly improved, and policy support is continuously increased. The government has issued a series of preferential policies for investment promotion and tax subsidies. Banchao Group has made full use of this opportunity to actively cooperate with local governments and enterprises, and give full play to its superior resources and rich experience. Actively expand the Group's business areas and investment opportunities in the Hami region.
集团业务 Group business
创造镁基产业集群 Create magnesium-based industrial clusters
哈密市盛镁镁业有限公司 Hami Shengmei Magnesium Industry Co., LTD
哈密市盛镁镁业有限公司(以下简称为“公司”)成立于2016年4月,法定代表人:刘贵平,注册资本2000万元人民币,在职员工450人,地址位于新疆生产建设兵团新星经济技术开发区内,是兵团最大的一家金属镁生产企业,主要从事金属镁冶炼及兰炭、焦油的生产和销售。目前公司年产总值10亿元以上 Hami Shengmagnesia Magnesium Industry Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") was established in April 2016 with the following legal representatives: Liu Guiping, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and 450 employees, is located in Xinxing Economic and Technological Development Zone of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. It is the largest magnesium production enterprise of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, mainly engaged in magnesium smelting, production and sales of Lan-carbon and tar. At present, the annual output of the company is more than 1 billion yuan.
主营产品:原美及铝合金 Main product:original magnesium and aluminum alloy
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新疆班超镁业有限公司 Xinjiang Ban super magnesium industry Co., LTD
新疆班超镁业有限公司(以下简称为“公司”)是哈密市盛镁镁业有限公司的控股子公司。公司成立于2022年1月14日,法定代表人李政阳,注册资本3000万元人民币,在职员工200人,地址位于新疆生产建设兵团新星经济技术开发区内,是兵团仅有的两家金属镁生产企业之一,主要从事金属镁生产和销售。 Xinjiang Banchao Magnesium Industry Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a holding subsidiary of Hami Shengmagnesia Magnesium Industry Co., LTD. The company was established on January 14, 2022, with the legal representative Li Zhengyang, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan and 200 employees. The company is located in Xinxing Economic and Technological Development Zone of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and is one of the only two magnesium metal production enterprises in the Corps, mainly engaged in the production and sales of magnesium metal.
主营产品:原美及铝合金 Main product:原美及铝合金
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新疆班超供应链有限公司 Banchao Supply chain Co., LTD
新疆班超供应链有限公司(以下简称“班超供应链”)成立于2023年3月,公司位于新疆生产建设兵团新星技术开发区,其隶属于n哈密市盛镁镁业有限公司,主要从事供应链管理服务、大宗原材料采购服务、有色金属合金销售,金属材料销售、煤炭及制品销售,道n路货物运输等。公司主要产品有金属镁、兰炭、焦油,产品销往信发集团、东方希望铝业、广银铝业等国内外知名企业,产品质量得到n国内外客户的高度认可。 Xinjiang Banchao Supply Chain Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Banchao Supply Chain") was established in March 2023, the company is located in Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps New Star Technology Development Zone, which belongs to n Hami Shengmagnesia Magnesium Industry Co., LTD., mainly engaged in supply chain management services, bulk raw material procurement services, non-ferrous metal alloy sales, metal materials sales, coal and products sales. Road n cargo transport, etc. The company's main products are metal magnesium, charcoal, tar, products are sold to Xinfa Group, Oriental Hope aluminum, Guangyin Aluminum and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad, product quality has been highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.
主营产品:有金属镁、兰炭、焦油 Main product:There are metal magnesium, charcoal, tar
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哈密市新星房地产开发有限公司 Hami new star real Estate development Co., LTD
哈密市新星房地产开发有限公司(以下简称为“公司”)成立于2020年9月17日,法定代表人王瑞凡,注册资本1000万元人民币,在职员工30人,地址位于新疆哈密市伊州区黄田农场全鑫小区3号楼2单元202室,主要从事房地产的开发、销售。 Hami Xinxing Real Estate Development Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") was established on September 17, 2020, with its legal representative Wang Ruifan, registered capital of 10 million yuan and 30 employees. The company is located at Room 202, Unit 2, Building 3, Quanxin Community, Huangtian Farm, Yizhou District, Hami City, Xinjiang, and mainly engaged in real estate development and sales.
主营产品:房地产的开发、销售 Main product:Real estate development, sales
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新疆班超酒厂有限公司 Xinjiang Banchao Winery Co., LTD
新疆班超酒厂有限公司(以下简称为“公司”)成立于2021年11月26日,法定代表人王瑞凡,注册资本1000万元人民币,在职员工20人,地址位于新疆新星市火箭农场银河路。主要从事酒类经营、食品销售、食品互联网销售、食品进出口等业务。 Xinjiang Banchao Distillery Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") was established on November 26, 2021, with the legal representative Wang Ruifan, registered capital of 10 million yuan and 20 employees, and the address is located in Galaxy Road, Rocket Farm, Xinxing City, Xinjiang. Mainly engaged in alcohol business, food sales, food Internet sales, food import and export business.
主营产品:酒类经营、食品销售、食品互联网销售、食品进出口 Main product:Liquor business, food sales, food Internet sales, food import and export
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媒体中心 Media center
感知行业变化,真正洞悉社会需求 Perceive the changes in the industry and truly understand the needs of society
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集团新闻 Group News
行业新闻 Industry news
发布日期 Release date
“欢度中秋 情满班超”-班超集团中秋节慰问活动 "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival full of love Class Chao" - Group Mid-Autumn Festival condolences activities
月到中秋分外明,人到佳节倍思亲。值此传统中秋佳节到来之际,公司本着“以人为本”的经营理念,充分考虑到部分员工仍然坚守在自己的岗位上,奋战在公司一线而无法回家与亲人团聚,哈密市盛镁镁业总经理杜祥林带领部分高层领导为班超集团的家人们送去了承载着浓浓敬意的月饼礼盒和班超酒,为每位员工送去良好的节日祝愿和最诚挚的佳节问候,力求将组织、集体的温暖传递到每一位员工的心里。 Month to the Mid-Autumn Festival especially bright, people to the festival times miss relatives. On the occasion of the arrival of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, the company in line with the "people-oriented" business philosophy, fully taking into account that some employees still stick to their posts, are still working hard and can not go home to reunite with their relatives, Hami City Magnesium Industry Co., LTD general manager Du Xianglin led some senior leaders for the family of the group to carry the rich respect of the moon cake gift box and Ban Chao wine, Send good holiday wishes and the most sincere holiday greetings to each employee, and strive to pass the warmth of the organization and the collective to the heart of every employees.
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发布日期 Release date
班超集团举行升国旗仪式 | 献礼祖国74周年华诞 Banchao Group held the national flag raising ceremony | to present the 74th anniversary of the birthday of the motherland
10月1日,在国庆佳节到来之际,公司在办公楼前举行了升旗仪式,献礼祖国74 周年华诞。公司总经理杜祥林及其他领导班子成员,部分在岗职工等40余人参加。 “起来,不愿做奴隶的人们,把我们的血肉,筑成我们新的长城……” On October 1, before the arrival of the National Day holiday, the company held a flag-raising ceremony in front of the office building to present the 74th anniversary of the motherland. Du Xianglin, general manager of the company, and other members of the leadership team, some of the staff and other more than 40 people participated. "Get up, people who don't want to be slaves, build our flesh and blood into our new Great Wall..."
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发布日期 Release date
班超集团 | 2023年青龙计划第三期“重塑责任心 赢在执行力”提升培训 Ban Chao Group | 2023 Qinglong Plan the third phase of "Rebuild responsibility win in execution" promotion training
此次提升执行力培训由获有国家企业管理培训师、国家绩效改进师、国家员工关系管理师、中国企业最佳实战培训师百强、中国企业培训卓越管理者——周晴老师,为我们更好的理解和掌握执行力的核心要素,从而提升我们的团队执行力,推动企业快速发展。 The promotion of execution training by the national enterprise management trainer, national performance improvement division, national employee relationship manager, the best practical trainers of Chinese enterprises, the Chinese enterprise training excellence manager -- Teacher Zhou Qing, for us to better understand and grasp the core elements of execution, so as to improve our team execution, promote the rapid development of enterprises
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